Corrective Exercises

Some injuries may require balancing of certain muscle groups to aid in a speedy recovery.

Corrective Exercises
When therapeutic exercises are performed in conjunction with chiropractic treatment, research has shown shorter recovery times and significant functional improvements. Adding in some simple cardio exercises alone with drastically alter the speed of recovery, when this exercise is introduced carefully.

Some injuries may require balancing of certain muscle groups to aid in a speedy recovery. Quite often with lower back pain, patients will not require more exercises to strengthen the lower back region; however, many patients will need to balance their underworked abdominal muscles with their overworked back muscles. In these particular cases, cardiovascular exercise is recommended, along with certain abdominal strengthening exercises to help and support the spine.

In many severe injury cases, where injury and surgical procedures result in a lengthy recovery, a successful rehabilitation will require specific stretching exercises that can be performed without pain prior to starting necessary strengthening exercises. Once painless stretching is achieved, proprioceptive exercises may be introduced to help rebuild the mind-body connection and to re-coordinate competing muscle groups. Only after these have been accomplished, is it advisable to begin incorporating strength exercises that are specifically tailored to restore balance and strength to the injured area.

Sometimes the problems may stem from excessive muscle tone which may be directly related to abnormal posture and the generation of pain and joint dysfunction. Strains and sprains that occur from repetitive task jobs like hair styling and prolonged static tasks performed at a computer. To help combat many of these issues, frequent breaks and simple stretching may help the body recover and repair faster.

Other issues like shortened hamstring muscles can cause flattening of the curvature of the lumbar spine. This can be prevented by performing simple stretches which may work to reduce stress on the spine and may even prevent further injury or re-injury.

For these reasons noted above, we provide our patients with some exercises that are designed to help correct and strengthen their individual body kinematics. Many of these exercises can be performed at home and can significantly improve the effectiveness of your treatments and can speed up rehabilitation times.